Utsi Zimring  
drummer & composer

Translated from German:

The New York City Magic is captured, or shall I say - released by Per Mathisen (acoustic and electric bass), Utsi Zimring (drums) and David Kikoski (keyboard). New York is a diverse city in whose different districts one can make the most diverse observations, which reflect the best in moving pictures. The music of the "New York City Magic" does this with its sounds and tunes. From the first note once you let yourself go to it, you can hardly escape it and this incredibly dynamic trio. It is great fun to listen to these three musicians and their town descriptions. It grooves at every corner. In the meantime, there is a rhythm shift to Latin-American music, which was and still is an important part of active cultural scene of the New York. David Kikoski changes sounds of the keyboard over and over again. And when the Funkiness in "Block C" sweeps you away with its tempo, one has to get used to the hurried journey in a big city - which is exactly the way how Mathisen, Zimring and Kikoski are moving through the Avenues. In the ballads, which are of course part of the city as well, one feels like entering an attic of an NY building and looking at the city from above, sitting on the sill, while light rain sends small moving pictures to the window, in the form of drops. With "Funky Junky", the album ends and desire for New York that stays afterwards, makes this album a city guide, but highly musical one.


January 2017