Utsi Zimring  
drummer & composer

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June 6 - Spiegel/Bulatkin Organ Group, U Stare Pani, Prague

June 8 - Spiegel/Bulatkin Organ Group, Litvinov Jazz Festival, Czech Republic

June 9 - Session with Russ Spiegel and Daniel Bulatkin, U Maleho Glena, Prague

June 10 - Spiegel/Bulatkin Organ Group, Ungelt, Prague

June 29 - Organism, Reduta, Prague

June 30 - Elon Turgeman, PiceArt, Krakow, Poland


July 1 - Elon Turgeman, Poprad, Slovakia

July 2 - Elon Turgeman, Reduta, Prague

July 3 - Elon Turgeman, Ungelt, Prague

July 4 - Organism, Satchmo Festival, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

July 6 - Ivan Mazuze, Sunfest, Ontario London, Canada

July 7 - Ivan Mazuze, Sunfest, Ontario London, Canada

July 9 - Organism, Jazz Dock, Prague

July 13 - Organism, U Maleho Glena, Prague

July 17 - Organism, Ungelt, Prague

July 18 - Utsi Zimring Band, U Stare Pani, Prague

July 22-24 - Organism Recording Session

My album “Zone 23” featuring Mike Stern received great reviews in Modern Drummer and Drum Magazine

Picture from recording of “New York City Magic” with Per Mathisen and Dave Kikoski, check out the review in Concerto Magazine